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CB Action Magazine

Who remembers the old CB Action Magazines? Back in the late 70’s there was nothing better than cruising down to the local newsagent to pick up the latest edition of this legendary magazine.

Funny now that I look back through my collection I realise that half of the content was ads. Oh well at least even the ads have that cool retro look to them and how cool were the old Dick Smith ads. I used to love dropping into Dick Smith’s as a youngster and checking out all the cool electronic gear, I love Dick Smith, I wish he was our Prime Minister. How good would the country be if he was running the show.

If anyone out there has any old CB Action that they want to sell then PLEASE drop us an email via our contact page. Over the coming months I will attempt to scan and upload all of the CB Action covers both as thumbnails and full size images so you can print them out or even just reminisce over them.

Where are the CB Action Cover Girls now?

Have any of you ever wondered what the old CB Action cover girl models are up to now and even what they look like? I keep hearing that the Boost Juice woman “Janine Allis” was once on the cover of a CB Action Magazine. If anyone knows which edition it was let me know as I haven’t come across it as yet.

I recently read a post on a Whirlpool forum about CB Radios and Electronic gadgets and someone mentioned the CB Action models. The same comments were made about what the cover girls possibly looked like now. Hey we’ve all aged a bit since then so I guess most of them aren’t wearing bikinis now days.

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  1. How cool are the CB Action Mags. CB’s were a huge thing back in the 70’s when all our mates had them in their cars. Such fun days to remember.

  2. Yes the old CB Action was certainly legendary. Back in the days of Dick Smith, Electric Bug and who can forget Yellow Dot ( Ian ). Back in the 70’s everyone was running 12 watts and a Ringo, now everyone’s running a Kenwood or a Yaesu and at least 100W. Great memories and certainly a great era.

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