Cobra 2000 GTL restorations

The Cobra 2000 GTL is without doubt one of the greatest CB radios of all time. It is very sought after and once restored they are a real treasure. There are still plenty for sale on eBay however many of them have been butchered and have

Uniden Bearcat 980 SSB Review

Uniden Bearcat 980 SSB CB Radio Uniden Bearcat 980 SSB Overview The Uniden Bearcat 980 SSB CB Radio is a 40 Channel AM/SSB compact radio with great features. With inbuilt Power/SWR meter, TX and RX gain controls and a large

Uniden AX144 Review

Uniden AX144 CB Radio Uniden AX144 Overview The Uniden AX144 CB Radio is one of the most popular and biggest selling mobile rigs of all time. They are a very basic, no frills radio which are easy to modify and compact in

Cobra 2000 GTL Review

Cobra 2000GTL CB Radio Cobra 2000 GTL Overview The Cobra 2000 CB Radio was first manufactured in the early 1980's by the Dynascan Corporation in Chicago USA. It is a 40 Channel AM/SSB rig with built in frequency counter,

The Biggest CB Radio Amplifiers

32 Pill, 8,000 Watt plus Amplifier If your'e into working DX then I'm sure that the following videos are gonna float your boat. The first video is of a massive, solid state amplifier driven by a smaller amplifier which uses two Toshibas

Building a Quad Antenna

The quad antenna is without doubt the best DX antenna available. It has a higher gain than any other antenna of similar dimensions and is also very cheap to construct. One of the greatest advantages of the quad is that it exhibits a lower

CB Action Magazines

Who remembers the old CB Action Magazines? Back in the late 70’s there was nothing better than cruising down to the local newsagent to pick up the latest edition of this legendary magazine. They were $1-00 per issue and initially there was…