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How I came to build V-Quads

The following article is by Frank Woolfe ( VK5KV ). You can find out more info about Frank's amazing antennas at his website: In the last few years 10m operation has been on the increase mainly due to

The Biggest CB Antenna on the planet?

Who said that the hobby of CB Radio was dying? Take a look on social media and you will find that there is a huge amount of people building up their arsenal on 27Mhz in anticipation of the next big sunspot cycle and the return of the

The Biggest CB Antenna in Australia

Is this the largest CB Antenna in Australia? If it's not I would certainly like to hear about it. There is no doubt that when it comes to working DX the quad is in a league of it's own. A

Building a Quad Antenna

The cubical quad antenna is without doubt the best DX antenna available. It has a higher gain than any other antenna of similar dimensions and is also very cheap to construct. One of the greatest advantages of the quad is that it exhibits