Astatic D-104 Microphone Review

Astatic D-104 Microphone
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Astatic D-104 Microphone Overview

The Astatic D-104 has been around since 1933 when it was used to drive valve radio’s efficiently with it’s high output. It wasn’t until the 1960’s that a solid state amplifier was incorporated into the design. The D-104 is certainly a very solid microphone and has the old time “Lollipop” look. Personally I don’t like the look of them however many folks love them. The D-104 has a high impedance of around 5,000 Ohms and yet they still seem to work fine with most modern radios as long as the audio output is turned way down. Still a very popular mic especially in the USA where they are very sought after and usually sell for well over $100US for an average condition one.


Great old microphone built to last

October 23, 2020

Had a D-104 mic for years hooked up to a cobra 2000gtl base station. Great audio reports and big audio. The boys on 27.385 knew when I was on air!

Chuck Owens