The Biggest CB Radio Amplifiers

32 Pill, 8,000 Watt plus Amplifier

If your’e into working DX then I’m sure that the following videos are gonna float your boat. The first video is of a massive, solid state amplifier driven by a smaller amplifier which uses two Toshibas Red Dot transistors driving 6 Toshiba Red Dots. This produces enough drive to push the big 32 Pill Amplifier to over 8,000 Watts.

Can you imagine the skip you could work with the help of this little baby! As long as you have a massive power supply capable of around 700 amps to run it, some pretty mean coax and a very solidly built antenna with low SWR then your’e in for one heck of a time. The Toshiba 2SC2879A “Red Dot” transistors now retail for between $100 – $150 each so if this sucker blows then your’e up for some big bucks for repairs.

48 Pill, 10,000 Watts Plus Amplifier

If the 32 Pill Amp wasn’t big enough for you then this 48 Pill may satisfy your desire for power. With a 800 Amp power supply and running at 14+ Volts it easily produced 8,500 Watts P.E.P. and the only thing that stopped it doing more was that the power supply was running at it’s maximum capacity.

With a bigger power supply this little baby would no doubt produce 10,000 watts, no problems at all. The thing I love about the yanks is that they never do anything without taking it to the extreme, great stuff.

Crazy Dude with a 10,000 Watt CB Amplifier

And now for a change of pace this cat fires up a 10,000 Watt Valve amplifier in his house on the CB band and things start going a little pear shaped. I love the way the dude downs a bit of turps before he puts the key down.

There’s nothing like a bit of “Dutch Courage” before you hit the throttle on an old beast that’s pumping out 10 big ones. Anyway the tripper hits the gas and all hell breaks lose. There’s smoke everywhere and to make things worse his old lady starts going ape at him.

This is still one of my favorite YouTube videos, I’d sure love to meet this guy just to see what makes him tick. No doubt his missus is probably in the funny farm by now cause I’m sure a little smoke didn’t put him off his mission to rule the Chicken Band. So sit back, get the popcorn out and wait for the fun to begin !

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