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Extreme CB Radio antennas, BIG amplifiers and crazy CB Operators to keep you amused

The Best CB Radio Shack’s

Have you got a wild CB Radio shack that you think is worthy of being listed as one of the best? If so then send me the pics and we will add them to our story. If you think that your shack is up to scratch then send your pics to:

Uniden / President Madison CB Radio

The Uniden Madison or President Madison are perhaps one of the most sought after CB Radios. They look fantastic, the receiver is amazing and the transmit is punchy and clean. They were released in the 70's under several names including

Cobra 2000 GTL restorations

The Cobra 2000 GTL is without doubt one of the greatest CB radios of all time. It is very sought after and once restored they are a real treasure. There are still plenty for sale on eBay however many of them have been butchered and have

The Biggest CB Radio Amplifiers

32 Pill, 8,000 Watt plus Amplifier If your'e into working DX then I'm sure that the following videos are gonna float your boat. The first video is of a massive, solid state amplifier driven by a smaller amplifier which uses two Toshibas