GE 3-5825B Review

GE 3-5825B SSB CB Radio
GE 3-5825B SSB CB Radio
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GE 3-5825B SSB CB Radio Overview

The GE 3-5825B SSB CB Radio or GE “B model” is a very sought after CB due to the ease of modification, it’s clean impressive looks and most of all it’s performance. These radios are still selling for as much as $450 for a pristine condition one however they are rapidly dwindling in numbers. The GE 3-5825B SSB CB Radio has a very nice Rx with good noise suppression and nice audio even from the small inbuilt speaker. The overall layout makes it very easy to use and it looks amazing. Overall perhaps the most iconic mobile SSB radio ever manufactured in Australia.


Which is best the A or B model “ GE radio”

April 2, 2023

I’m sure they are both great radios , which is the rarest and most sought? I remember back in the late seventies they were a fair bit more expensive than other similar class rigs. I was young and only dreamed of having one ‘ I finally got my hands on an A model In awesome 8 out of 10 condition and now really wanting the B model to add to my collection. Until then I’ll keep dreaming! 73’s.


Great radio from the 80’s

January 20, 2023

The GE-B model CB’s were a great radio to mod. The Rx was great and they always produced great audio. I would buy one now if I could get one in good condition.

John Blackman

Best SSB Radio from the 80’s

December 19, 2020

The GE B Model was the best SSB radio ever produced. It had a great receiver and Tx and you could do so many mods to them. I wish I still had mine.

Steven Mc Glashan

Great radio and easy to modify!

December 9, 2020

A great radio, stylish, rugged construction and so easy to modify. I love the look of the GE radio’s as they are nicely laid out and have good sized knobs etc. I purchased an 18 channel one years ago and then converted it to 40 channel simply by changing the channel selector switch. Very nice radio and worth hanging onto as they are expensive to buy!

Greg Fitzner