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Acom 500S Amplifier Unboxing

It is important to know who we are dealing with. ACOM amplifiers are made in Bulgaria. May I add: proudly made in Bulgaria. Yes, to some still locked in the Cold War mentality, 'Made in Bulgaria' may sound worse than made in China.

Is buying an Amplifier worth it?

There is no doubt that some subscribers will find today's newsletter confrontational, to the point of unsubscription. Please let me point out the obvious: I work hard to keep you subscribed, to provide valuable information and decent

Akihabara radio market

Seriously, this has to be the best job on the planet. If you have visited Tokyo then you surely have visited the buzzing shopping hub famed for its electronics retailers, ranging from tiny stalls to vast department stores. What a wonderful…

LDMOS Amplifiers – RF Man

The latest developments in LDMOS transistor technology have enabled these devices to be excellent replacements for bipolar transistors and traditional electron tubes. This technology provides lower operation temperatures, greater