Leson TW-232 Microphone Review

Leson TW-232 Michrophone
Leson TW-232 Microphone
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Leson TW-232 Microphone Overview

The Leson TW-232 is an iconic CB Microphone from the 70’s and 80’s which had a distinct, crisp and extremely clear audio if not over driven. Often users would run these mic’s flat out and they would pick up every sound within 50 metres. The lock button was always an issue and even though they were well built the actual talk bar and lock switch were always a problem. The battery cover also seemed to miraculously disappear on these mics never to be found again. Personally I think if these mics were set up correctly and not over driven they were perhaps the nicest sounding mics of all. The Leson was most popular in silver however it also was available in Black. The Leson was also marketed under various other names such as the Cobra CA-72, Ham Master 4200 and quite a few other names. They were all the same physical mic however some had different mic elements etc. Like them or not even an average one nowadays can sell for over $200. The Leson TW-232 is certainly a legendary mic from the past.



February 17, 2024

Ay uno por ay que dice ser una porquería. Creo que de radio entiende poco .ese micro es cotizado y tener uno no significa que sepas usar la ganancia atope .

Fran saygon

Leson tw232

July 30, 2023

This month I have had two come my way one worked out of the box the other a bit of damage but now repaired working great both mic’s. Fantastic audio of both of them running them on a president grant and a 9900 dynamic mic for me fantastic old mic


Crap microphone

January 9, 2022

I don’t know what people saw in them, people always sounded like shit running them…

shannon shuttleworth

They were okay

November 3, 2021

The tw232 was a great mic until you upgraded to the D-104 eagle. I’m sorry if this upsets leson lovers but the 232 was trying to be an eagle. absolutely nothing beat the eagle.


Leson Mic

December 6, 2020

A really nice Microphone. I used to be be the local rig doctor and repaired a few of these mics. They suffered from a weak keybar mechanism which used to fail on one side. It was repairable though. Other than that they were good sounding mics with a clear loud audio and lock button. Another old classic.


Great sounding mic

September 18, 2020

Leson 232 are a great sounding mic and if set up correctly provide a very nice sounding audio. Very hard to find a good one that has a working ptt bar and lock switch.

Cameron Mitchell

Youv’e got to love the Leson!

September 16, 2020

The Leson TW232 is a blast from the past. In Australia almost everyone owned one at some stage of their CB career. I distinctly remember an old fella by the name of Len – Lima Echo 45 ( in Adelaide ) who used a Leson and he had a bird cage not far from him and that’s all you could hear every time you spoke to him. I owned several of these mics myself and I still have four of them in my collection. Great mics from a great era in CB radio.

Brian East