Yaesu FT-840 modification for 27Mhz

If you have a Yaesu FT-840 and you wish to add the CB frequencies to it then here is how you do it. While we recommend this only for receive purposes what you do is your choice. Be warned that it is illegal to add 27Mhz to a ham radio however it seems that now days more operators are using ham gear on 27Mhz than actual CB’s.

The Yaesu FT-840 is a great little radio, extremely compact and with a load of features. The only things to criticize are the small, tinny sounding inbuilt speaker and a lack of a DSP filter. According to the Yaesu service tech in Sydney these radios are extremely reliable and rarely malfunction.

Average price for a clean FT-840 is around the $400 – $500 mark which makes them a great little rig for base or mobile use. They come with a slot in wire type mount for base station, RX and TX are both great especially if hooked to a better quality speaker. Speech compressor works great on SSB and increases the average talk level considerably without compromising the audio quality. A better noise blanker would be good however it is effective on some types of QRM. Anyway here is the video of the mod…

Yaesu FT-840 R2213 Resistor Replacement

While you have the lid off of your radio another mod that I strongly recommend doing is replacing the 3 watt resistor ( R2213 ) with a higher wattage one. This resistor is a design flaw as it is grossly under rated which causes it to run extremely hot and the end result is that your FT-840 will eventually fail.

By replacing this resistor and moving it away from the board it stops the heat from being transferred from this under rated resistor onto the board and eventually leading to failure of the radio. For a detailed overview of how to do this mod as well as where to buy the replacement resistor please see the following article: Yaesu FT-840 R2213 Resistor Replacement.

For the video on the R2213 resistor replacement take a look at the following clip:

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