Akihabara radio market

Seriously, this has to be the best job on the planet. If you have visited Tokyo then you surely have visited the buzzing shopping hub famed for its electronics retailers, ranging from tiny stalls to vast department stores. What a wonderful way to spend the last years of retirement: no pressure, no worries, orderly and predictably, excitement galore. The 10 story building is loaded from the ground up with electronics, souvenirs, manga comics, magazines and books, trading and game cards, figurines, dolls, toys and tools. There is a huge a restaurant in the basement to sustain you before you take on the days shopping.

The actual building was constructed in 1957 and was fully renovated in 2011 and has become an iconic place to shop as well as a draw card for travelers. The store is kind of like an old Dick Smith’s store on steroids. Checkout the video below, it’s insane!