The Best CB Radio Shack’s

Have you got a wild CB Radio shack that you think is worthy of being listed as one of the best? If so then send me the pics and we will add them to our story. If you think that your shack is up to scratch then send your pics to:

CB Radio Shack-1

This first Shack has an amazing Cobra 2000 which looks like it may be a “Snake Radio Customs” job. Snake Radio Customs is a business located in Phoenix in the USA and they have been doing some amazing restorations of Cobra 2000’s and various other popular CB’s.

CB Radio Shack

This next shack belongs to Tim Coulson. I don’t know a lot about it but it sure looks nice. Tim if you are out there PLEASE send us some more info about the shack. There are at least two Cobra 2000’s with matching Cobra mics and a nice size “Donkey Stomper” amplifier, great stuff!

Ham Radio Shack

Not sure who owns this set up but it sure does look nice. I can see at least four Cobra 2000’s and a couple of Dak base stations as well. Very nice display. There is also a Cobra base mic and a few other retro pieces of radio equipment lurking in the background.

This is a glimpse of my shack ( Dean ) which consists of a Uniden Madison Base Station and a Leson TW-232 mic. This combination produces amazing audio quality. The Madison was fully restored and modified by Ian ( Yellow Dot ). It has just the standard 40 channels and mods to both Rx and Tx that drastically improve the rigs performance. To the right is my Ham gear which is a Yaesu FT-840 hooked up to an Acom 1000 Amp. On 27Mhz I am using a 5/8 Penetrator and I hope to replace this with a 4 element quad sometime in the future.

This shack is owned by a fella named Robert P Lorek. The shack sure looks pretty cool with the green light and all of the blue LED radios and a D-104 mic . Also just out side the cropped image sits a whopping amplifier. Very nice set up Robert.