Uniden / President Madison CB Radio

The Uniden Madison or President Madison are perhaps one of the most sought after CB Radios. They look fantastic, the receiver is amazing and the transmit is punchy and clean. They were released in the 70’s under several names including Uniden, Presisdent and Hatadi Bengal.

They were all the same basic design and the only real differences was the branding. The earlier Madison had a analogue clock where as the later model had the large digital clock. The internals are basically the same as the Cobra 2000, the Madison however never came out with a frequency counter.

Finding a Madison CB nowadays that is in pristine condition is not easy. It took me several years to find a good one and even then I had to bring it in from the USA. Price for a really pristine one can vary greatly but on average they sell for between $300 – $800 AUD.

Super Bengal with DigiMax Lite

The Hatadi Super Bengal

The Hatadi Super Bengal is the same as the uniden and President Madison only branded under the “Super Bengal” name. The Super Bengal was marketed in Australia back in the early 80’s and was a very popular radio.

President Madison ( early Version )

The earlier Madison CB Radio’s had the old analogue version of the clock. this model is not as popular nowadays compared with the newer digital readout version. Although it doesn’t have the digital readout it is still very collectible and sort after. Unfortunately many of these classics have been butchered and have had frequency counters etc installed where the clock once was. Occasionally you see one that has been done properly however many of them end up a mess.

Ted Toddington’s President Madison

Ted Toddington’s UK Version Madison is once again a credit to this man. Ted’s Cobra 2000 was featured in a previous article and once again he’s come up with another winner. You can see a video of Ted’s Madison here:


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