VK AMPS 2KW HF Amplifier Review

VKAMPS 2KW Amplifier
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VK AMPS 2KW HF Amplifier Overview

The new VK AMPS 2KW HF Amplifier uses LDMOS technology to produce a 2KW output from 160 to 6 meters. The amplifier has full protection built in and you can monitor everything from the large front screen. There are multiple antenna inputs and sockets for PTT and also RF switching bands from your rig via cable. Overall the amplifier is quiet, super easy to operate and with a massive heat sink and fan it will run all day long without a problem.


The best Solid State Amplifier on the market

September 20, 2023

The VK AMPS 2KW amplifier is a great addition to any radio station. I was so tired of waiting for my old Acom 1000 to warm up as I have limited time so to simply flick a switch and transmit straight away is brilliant. The amplifier so far has performed perfectly and with the addition of the RF switching cable from my rig it automatically switches bands. The readout constantly monitors SWR, temperature, output, reflected power and supply voltage. I love this amplifier !

Dean Michael