The Biggest CB Antenna in Australia

Is this the largest CB Antenna in Australia? If it’s not I would certainly like to hear about it. There is no doubt that when it comes to working DX the quad is in a league of it’s own.

A quad antenna of this size has amazing forward gain and is also very good at rejecting noise. As Danny say’s the antenna almost opens up it’s own world of DX. In conditions that are very poor for skip Danny is working the USA.

Over the years I have also experimented with quad antennas and large yagi’s however the quad wins hands down every time. The owner of this antenna is Danny ( World Radio 677 ) in Tasmania and the 10 element quad was manufactured by Lightning Antennas in the USA.

I’t seems that their largest “off the shelf” quad which Lightning Antennas manufacture is an 8 element quad on a whopping 42 foot boom. Holy smoke that’s huge. I have had 4 element quads before but these only required a boom of around 15 feet long.

If you know of any other monsters like this please let us know. Congratulations Danny, you win the biggest CB Antenna that I am aware of in Australia. I’m so jealous !

The second biggest CB Antenna?

Is this perhaps the second largest CB antenna in Australia? Not in the same league as the 10 element quad but never the less impressive.

This beast is a 7 element yagi on a massive 65 foot boom. Wow, quite a monster. This antenna was built by a character with the callsign “Trip7”. If anyone has any further info on either of the above antennas please let us know. Maybe you have an impressive CB antenna of your own? Please let us know and send in the pics.

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