The Biggest CB Antenna on the planet?

Who said that the hobby of CB Radio was dying? Take a look on social media and you will find that there is a huge amount of people building up their arsenal on 27Mhz in anticipation of the next big sunspot cycle and the return of the beloved skip.

Unlike us Aussies who are too busy sitting around the BBQ drinking tinnies, the Yanks are out there putting up these massive antennas that kinda resemble the Eiffel Tower. Not only are their antennas huge but they feed them with coax thick enough to power the city of New York!

The latest fella to have been out there planning and erecting one of these beauties is a guy by the name of John Bartal (Motormouth Maul). John has constructed what can only be described as one of the most beautiful man made sculptures on the planet.

John’s antenna is a 16 element Yagi on a 117 Foot long boom. Man I love this guy, what a tripper. How do you keep something like this in the air? Down under in Oz our biggest effort to date is a 10 element quad on a 54 foot boom. Not the size of John’s beast but still a great effort. The 10 element quad was manufactured by Lightning Antennas and is known as the Lightning L10.

The quad antenna is my personal favorite however I certainly wouldn’t knock back the chance to own a 16 element yagi. John Bartal’s monster is not only a testimony to his dedication to CB Radio but it is also a piece of engineering genius. To keep an antenna of these proportions in the air and to stop the boom from sagging is a real feat in itself.

As the antenna has only just been installed early reports seem to suggest that the antenna is performing extremely well.

Biggest CB Antenna

According to John the tower which holds this beast in the air is a US Tower 572 MDPL with a whopping 15 yards of concrete in the ground to keep the thing in the air. There have been many a comment on Facebook asking John how this thing will hold up when a storm hits. I guess it can be lowered down quite easily if a big storm is brewing.

If you know of any other big CB antennas then please let us know in the comments below. Also if you are interested in submitting your own antenna or shack details and pics then please contact us. 73’s – Dean